5 Tips for Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim

Worker's Compensation Claim

When you accept a job, you and your boss agree that if you sustain an injury while in the line of duty, you will earn wage replacement and health care benefits. In exchange, you waive your rights to sue your employer for workplace negligence. For your benefit, an employee should obtain workers compensation Humble, and here are five tips on how to effectively claim it.

1. Immediately Notify Your Supervisor About The Injury

It is essential to report occupational injuries immediately. Compensation claims can differ slightly depending on where you work and what you do, but are generally the same.

You must be wounded to qualify for Workers’ Compensation, and there are legal consequences for filing a false claim. Therefore, immediately after you suffer a workplace injury, you must notify your supervisor. If time passes and your injury cures, it becomes hard to demonstrate that you were injured on the job.

2. Ensure That Your Claim Is Filed Correctly

Not only you but also your company must submit the necessary paperwork. Your employer will have to submit a ‘First Report of Injury.’ This report should be filled out accurately and thoroughly, so ensure that your boss writes everything accurately and double-check it. Additionally, you must obtain your records from your boss.

3. Create Your own Journal and Records

Keeping a journal and file for your reference is perhaps the most effective and prudent action. Once you compare your records with your employer’s, you can readily identify discrepancies and safeguard yourself from inaccuracies resulting in your Workers’ Compensation claim being denied. You will need to keep track of everything, from the days and hours you worked to the specific tasks you performed.

Furthermore, ensure that your journal or record contains all pertinent information on work-related injuries. You should document this immediately since the more you wait, the hazier the details and vital facts become.

4. Seek Medical Assistance Immediately

Immediate medical treatment is mandatory. Otherwise, the insurer managing your claim might not accept that the injuries happened as described, and they could easily deny reimbursement for your medical bills. Make a copy if you cannot get the original copy of whatever your doctor notes regarding the injuries. This copy will not only demonstrate that the workplace injury occurred but also serves as a time-stamped reference, showing when the injury occurred.

5. Describe How The Injury Occurred

Occupational injuries and conditions are so sensitive that you must always speak the truth. Your Workers’ Compensation claim will be easily approved if you recount the entire incident and have it written down, besides obtaining all the required medical records. If you adhere to these guidelines, you should be eligible for a workers’ compensation claim. Nobody wishes to suffer a workplace injury, but you will be better off if you receive reimbursement, which will cover you during recovery.

Injuries and illnesses acquired on the job could have lasting bodily consequences and psychological and emotional repercussions, culminating in a different type of trauma. Besides harming the individual, the company also suffers from diminished output, not forgetting the legal fines and expenses associated with missing workforce. If you want to know if you are eligible for workers’ compensation, call the Humble, TX office or use the online booking tool to schedule an initial consultation today.