Benefits of Sclerotherapy


Veins are an essential component of your circulatory system. Veins that don’t drain adequately, for whatever cause, tend to swell and protrude from the skin. It may lead to spider veins or more serious varicose veins. The vast majority of people find visible veins ugly and unpleasant. The likelihood of developing varicose veins increases with age, pregnancy, obesity, standing for long periods, and a sedentary lifestyle. Vein problems, including spider and varicose veins, often manifest themselves in the lower extremities. Face spider veins are uncommon. Spider veins are tiny and seem much closer to the skin’s surface than varicose veins. Fortunately, with sclerotherapy Glen Rock, you can successfully remove spider and varicose veins. The following are some notable benefits of this treatment option:

More wardrobe options

People with spider veins and varicose veins often cover up their legs to avoid having others see the blue, bulging veins. Because of insecurity about their legs, they avoid bathing suits, shorts, dresses, and skirts. Confidence of any kind is possible after sclerotherapy.

Consider how you would feel putting on that clothing you haven’t worn in years to help you decide whether this therapy is the correct choice. Then picture yourself in a bar, confident enough to wear that outfit and approach a gorgeous stranger. Do you get a good feeling just thinking about it? You can make it happen with this therapy.

Sclerotherapy is a very successful treatment

Sclerotherapy has a high success rate, with 50-80% of treated veins vanishing after only one session, with the vast majority of patients reporting satisfaction with the outcomes. After the treatment, your legs will seem younger and healthier. This procedure may give a permanent solution for those who have avoided wearing shorts and dresses due to the appearance of spider veins.

Although sclerotherapy has had a high success rate, it is not a failsafe treatment. However, fewer than 10% of sclerotherapy patients don’t improve after receiving injections. Most cases of spider veins disappear within three to six weeks. Most cases of varicose veins, also known as large veins, clear up in three to four months. You might have to return for further treatment if new ugly veins form.

Quick recuperation time

Sclerotherapy is not surgery; therefore, there is no need to worry about a long recovery time. In addition, you won’t have to spend any time in a hospital because of this process; you may do it on an outpatient basis. You should pay no special attention to your incisions or stitches after the surgery, but you should still follow all post-op guidelines. It includes staying out of direct sunlight and heated environments for at least 48 hours.


Most health insurance plans won’t pay for a cosmetic operation like this. Still, the price is substantially lower than that of surgery.

Pain relief

When you have varicose veins, your skin takes a beating. It is quite painful and uncomfortable. This procedure eliminates the damaged, weaker veins, which reduces the pressure inside the veins and the strain the veins exert on the surrounding tissues due to bulging. Dead veins are eventually reabsorbed by the body and vanish. Your veins are redirected to healthier ones that can handle the “internal pressure” of the venous blood, and the ache and discomfort go away.

Sclerotherapy may be appropriate if you seek a nonsurgical technique to remove spider and tiny varicose veins. If a doctor determines that sclerotherapy is not the best course of treatment for you, they may suggest an alternative.