Choosing The Right Oil For Your Hair Health

Right Oil For Your Hair Health

Both genders and people of all ages are equally concerned about their hair that impresses the onlookers. Guys blessed with shiny, thick, curly and long hair are revered with great reverence by others while few unlucky people suffer from dandruff, hair thinning, its fall or roughness etc. Most of the sufferers make use of ordinary products while hair clinics and hair specialists boast of providing remedies that do not give good results. It is the Ayurvedic system of medicines that suggests quality hair growth oil that not only deters different hair disease but also helps in growing strong hair on our scalp.

Those in the market to buy good hair oil should focus on a type of their hair and type of oil that suits them the best. They must pay attention to the following:

Need for your hair

 Few guys possess naturally dry or naturally oily hair. They have to choose the apt hair oil that suits them the best and prevent moisture losses. It is wise to stay away from oils that coat and sit on top of the hair as they could leave with greasy hair. These guys should prefer olive, coconut and avocado oils that penetrate the hair in easy manners. Combination of these oils after each wash is the right answer for hair growth.Light oils resembling the scalps including the jojoba are good for the people that have oily hair. They could choose the Argan or Moroccan oil that prevents split ends and give good results.

Need for your scalp 

Guys having flaky scalp may try heaviest and thickest oils that are helpful for dry scalp or dandruff. These oils help in moisturising the scalp. The sufferers could use coconut oil as its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and moisturising features are quite beneficial. Essential oils including rosemary or peppermint oils could be the right answer for such guys.

Hair type

 Lighter oils including the avocado are good for fine hair while guys with thicker hair may need coconut or grapeseed oils.


Few guys may be suffering from food allergies that affect their hair issues. It is wise to study the skin reaction before choosing the hair oil for such guys that could suffer from burning/itching sensations, discoloration or swelling etc to certain oils that should be avoided.


Last but not the least is the price that you pay for specific hair oil. Be wise to choose the same within the size of your pocket. But do not stress much on money alone. It is recommended to buy quality oil at the cost of a few dollars for maintaining your hair health in even manners. Pay some extra money but buy good oil for your hair.

Wish to enjoy thick, shiny, long and black hair! Why not make use of good quality hair growth oil by searching the same through newspapers or the internet. Hundreds of oils including nilgiri, coconut, shikakai and amla oils are available in the market. Do consult the hair specialists.