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What Is Chordtela Putus Atau Terus?

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Chordtela Putus Atau Terus (CPAT), or simply chord, is a concept in Javanese kejawen that refers to the balance and flow of energy. The condition of cpat determines how well individual functions physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

There are two main aspects to chord: putus atau terus (breaking or holding) and susunan (arrangement). These determine whether energy is flowing freely or blocked. Some examples of factors that can disrupt cpat include stress, trauma, unhealthy relationships, and negative thinking patterns. Disruptions can lead to health problems such as physical illness, fatigue, anxiety disorders, etc., as well as unhappiness in all areas of life.

The aim of chord practice is to create more flow by recognizing and addressing any disruptions that may be present. This is done through practices such as meditation, mantra chanting, prayer, and yoga. By restoring the natural balance we help our mind-body system function optimally which leads to improved health & wellbeing

Some of the key benefits of restoring flow through chord practice include:

– improved physical health & wellbeing

– reduced stress, anxiety & depression

– increased energy levels, vitality, and joyfulness

– better sleep patterns & appetite

– strengthened immune system

If you’re not currently getting the benefits listed above, it’s likely that some disruptions are preventing you from experiencing the flow state. By addressing these disruptions through practices such as meditation & mantra chanting, you can restore balance and enable your mind-body system to function at its best.

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