Debunking Myths About Common Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

How many myths do you believe in health and wellness? Many people believe in myths and misconceptions about health that have been passed down for years. The practiced beliefs do not come from medical research and personnel. People use myths in determining what to eat or not to maintain a healthy lifestyle free from diseases. For more awareness and well-being, Phipps Health and Wellness is helping adults live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The following are the most common myths of which most people are aware.

Eggs cause high cholesterol

People have avoided eggs for so long, following a misconception that an adult should not take more than three eggs per week. People tend to think that consuming eggs increases cholesterol in our bodies. There is no evidence of the rise of cholesterol linked to the consumption of eggs. According to doctors, eating eggs can improve your health. Eating at least one egg reduces the chances of death due to stroke.

I have perfect vision, so I do not need eye checkups

When you have perfect eyesight, it is easy to be misled that your eyes are healthy; thus, eye checkups are not essential. Eye exams are crucial as part of preventive measures. Optometrists can detect early signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health complications due to frequent eye exams. Some of these conditions affect the ocular nerve before symptoms occur.

You need eight glasses of water per day

Eight glasses a day have been used to determine dehydration in many people. There is a misconception that your body is dehydrated if you drink less than eight glasses per day. Doctors suggest that we should drink water with meals. Our bodies do not use the same amount of water. A more recommendable way is to pay clear attention to our urine. We should drink more water if the urine turns to a lemonade color.

Cracking joints causes arthritis

Cracking your bones and joints is unpleasant to people around you. People think the cracking might cause arthritis in a person and therefore avoid doing the cracking. The cracking usually comes from fluid from your joints, known as synovial fluid. However, the cracking might cause swelling of the arms due to reduced grip.

The bigger you are, the less healthy you are

People often attribute skinny bodies to good health. No evidence connects big bodies with bad health. People have discriminated against people with large bodies and tend to think they are unhealthy due to their bodies. Weight stigma can cause a person to have mental problems. A big person might be healthier than a skinny person.

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