Skin aging is actually inevitable. As years pass by, the skin of face & the neck starts loosening, the wrinkles start appearing around the mouth and eyes and the folds also start to appear between the nose and corner of mouth. Along the jawline, the jowls also turn visible and in the neck, the excessive fat and skin might also result in the laxity in the neck. The personal habits, heredity, sun exposure contribute to the facial changes too. The facelift surgery is one which aims at reversing some undesirable changes. It also improves the wrinkles in the forehead and around eyes.

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The facelift surgery helps in making folds around nose and lips less deepen, thereby tightens skin over jaw and under chin for reducing the jowls and to create neck skin tightly as much tighter. Similarly, face lift also varies in extent and in techniques used. As the name implies, the mini lifts are also used for the minimal skin aging changes. They can also be performed by making use of anesthesia and recovery time of the same is less as well, generally taking around three to seven days. The neck lifts can also be performed for tightening the isolated jowls along jawline and bands, seen often in the neck skin aging. Such a limited procedure is similar in the extent and the recovery time to Mini lift too.

Helps in addressing the changes

The complete facelift can also address the aging changes in forehead, the jawline, mid face and neck also generally requires around seven to fourteen days period based on surgery extent. Careful application and analysis of the appropriate techniques can help in yielding good results and minimizes down time, which is needed for the healing time. This surgery is also called the rhytidectomy. It is one procedure which is used for reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles and telltale signs of aging, with the objective of improving the overall appearance of jaw and face.

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This facelift surgery helps in reversing harmful effects of the stress, time and exposure to elements. For performing this best procedure, the facial plastic surgeon can lift & tightens underlying muscles of the face for creating aesthetically pleasing appearance of contours and even rejuvenates facial structure. They also remove the excessive pockets of skin and fat which can contribute to aged and tired appearance.