Outstanding Egg Freezing Facts That Everyone Should Know

Egg Freezing Facts

Even though women are born with eggs, the truth is that they will not have them for a lifetime. As they age, their egg quality reduces, and they also have chromosomal abnormalities. Moreover, they will lack the ability to ovulate after menopause. Some women have entered in wrong relationships or have a pregnancy at the wrong time due to desperation to beat the biological clock. Egg freezing Newport Beach has been used to overcome most menopause-related problems. If you are looking to have egg freezing, the following are the amazing facts you should know.

It is Safe

Some people have reservations about egg freezing due to fear that this process may be dangerous. However, the good news is there has not been any evidence showing that egg freezing and ovarian stimulation can cause any harm to a woman. There have not been any studies that have shown any risk of pregnancy complications, chromosomal anomalies, or congenital disabilities after using frozen eggs or embryos.

It Is Minimally Invasive and Less Time-Consuming

Some people have been undergoing this process, fearing that it is invasive and will take much of their time. The truth is that the medications are injected into the individual’s fatty tissue using thin needles that are less painful. The doctor will also be monitoring your body’s response during these visits. The egg retrieval surgery will be carried out when the person is ready. Even though the word surgery scares most people, you should not worry since you will not have any cuts or stitches, and the procedure will be carried out within 15 minutes.

It does not Reduce Your Fertility

Some people have been fearing that freezing the eggs will affect their future fertility since the process involves removing the eggs from the body. However, since the woman ovulates every month, they lose hundreds of eggs every month. Removing some eggs will not affect the woman’s future pregnancy. Besides, during the freezing process, the specialist uses medication to confirm that several eggs develop and mature while preserving others for the future.

It is a Scientifically Proven Method

Some people have failed to have egg freezing since they believe it is a trial and error method. They usually worry that they will suffer a series of problems that could not have been foreseen. However, people should know that this process has undergone a series of research, and the scientific data has proven safe and effective. You should not fail to undergo the procedure, fearing that it is experimental since it has been confirmed safe after undergoing a series of trials.

It is Not Only for Women with Cancer

Some people believe that egg freezing should be used only for women with cancer or other health complications. However, the truth is that it can be embraced by a woman who wants to have delayed motherhood to pursue personal career goals. If you want to have a pregnancy later in life, you should have egg freezing to maintain your quality of eggs as you pursue other goals.

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