Preventive Care Services you can Benefit from

Preventive Care

The first step to maintaining a healthy and long life can be identifying and treating a condition early. Preventive care begins with the choices we make daily at home. Therefore healthy habits lead to healthy living. San Antonio preventive care practices help you and your loved ones to take care of your body to reduce complications from symptoms that show early. You can reduce the risk of developing serious health complications by choosing preventive care. You can benefit from a wide variety of services available under preventive care today.

What should you know about Preventive Care?

Preventive care revolves around healthcare services that aim to identify and prevent medical issues before they progress and become major concerns. Preventive care differs from diagnostic care such that in the latter, your doctor tries to find a specific thing, mostly based on test results.

What are the Examples of Preventive Care?

There are medical services you can benefit from as a way of ensuring a healthy and long life. They may include the following.

Testing for Blood Pressure

Identifying high blood pressure may help reduce the development and occurrence of strokes and heart conditions which mostly affects adults. You can have blood pressure tests yearly if you are above 40 years.

Screening for Diabetes

Diabetes can lead to kidney diseases, vision loss, and even death. Therefore, it may be essential to check your sugar levels for early detection and treatment, which may include changes in lifestyle habits. Diabetes screenings can help greatly reduce health complications.


Children mostly get vaccinations as part of preventing polio and other serious conditions. However, adults may also need vaccinations for the flu annually. During pregnancy, you may also need flu vaccinations to impact your health.

Screening for Cancer

Men and women are likely to have cancer at any stage, with women being prone to breast cancer and men to prostate cancer. Mammograms may identify signs of breast cancer before the condition can spread to areas that may make it difficult to treat. Therefore, early detection will mean that women can live and survive.

Mental health checkups

Mental illness disrupts normal life, especially if not detected early enough. Preventive care means that one can get medications and therapy to help deal with the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

What are Services not included in Preventive Care?

Additional healthcare services are not included in preventive care, and they may include the following. Firstly, diagnostic tests may not be part of your preventive care and routine testing. Secondly, a visit to a specialist to address a particular concern may not be on your list of preventive care services. Additionally, acupuncture, massages, and other therapies are not part of preventive care.

You can address all your questions on preventive care services at Castle Hills Family Practice. Medical providers at the facility will focus on detecting and identifying conditions before their advancement. Afterward, they will create a treatment plan for you, depending on what they find. Therefore, do not hesitate to consult a doctor today and raise any medical concerns you may have. Visit the website to make an online appointment.