Preventive Medicine, Procedure, and Benefits

osteopathic medicine

Osteopathic medicine is a holistic approach to patient care that seeks to treat the whole body rather than the symptoms. The patient care’s focus is disease prevention through routine screenings, psychological evaluations, and lifestyle adjustments, among other modalities. You can boost your health by scheduling a wellness checkup with a doctor of osteopathic medicine Cary, NC.

What to expect during a wellness checkup

A wellness checkup usually starts with a review of your health history. Your osteopathic doctor tailors each treatment according to the patient’s unique needs. Health history could indicate susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases, cancer, or chronic conditions.

Your osteopathic doctor may also use your family health history to decide which screening tests to perform. The test may enable you and your provider to determine lifestyle changes that will positively impact your health.

For example, if there is a history of diabetes in your family, quitting smoking can reduce your risk. Your practitioner can suggest smoking cessation techniques to improve your success rate.

Osteopathic professionals also perform vital signs checks and physical exams. Your provider may conduct further diagnostic tests depending on the results of your initial assessment. Blood tests and X-rays are sometimes necessary to confirm a diagnosis.

Prevention and osteopathic medicine treatment modalities

Osteopathic medicine is a system that often involves the application of multiple modalities for a holistic process. Doctors use the results from the wellness tests to develop a unique treatment plan for each patient.

Health education addresses risk factors for diseases like diabetes by providing relevant information. Patients can make positive lifestyle adjustments such as changing their diet or regular exercise. It may also include injury prevention and the risks of tobacco use.

How preventive medicine benefits your health

Osteopathic medicine is based on the concept that your body can heal itself. The process considers the function of nerves, arteries, and lymphatics to evaluate physiological health. Since wellness treatment adapts a holistic approach, it may involve lifestyle habits and family medical history.

Therefore, many osteopathic medicine procedures do not require surgery or drugs. Preventive therapies can address chronic pain or the effects of hormonal changes in pregnant women.

Since it is a non-pharmacological procedure has no contraindications with other treatments. It avoids the dependency and addiction that is prevalent with pain medication. Patients do not have to worry about the side effects of the treatment.

Therapies also include tests and a review of your past health history. Your orthopedic doctor can identify risk factors and prevent diseases. Some tests may unearth early signs of an illness, which could progress into chronic conditions with severe complications.

Early detection and treatment are more probable than with traditional procedures. That means the process has a higher chance of success. Later stages of the disease may trigger complications that are challenging to treat.

Osteopathic medicine addresses conditions rather than treat symptoms. It eliminates the principal factors causing your health problem. Since treatment is customized, preventive medicine ensures the best outcomes for each patient.

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