The Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

Most women view their breasts as a critical part of their body since they feel they affect their identity. Their breasts affect the way they feel about themselves and how they dress. Unfortunately, if a person is less satisfied with the appearance of their breasts, they could have psychological fallout. Most women with small breasts feel unsexy and less feminine, affecting their confidence and self-esteem and prompting them to seek treatment. If you have been suffering from this condition, Atlanta John David Mullins, MD PC, has a solution for you. The following are the benefits of having breast augmentation.

It Provides an Improved Breast Symmetry

All women have a certain degree of breast asymmetry. However, there are instances where some have apparent breast size. This affects their self-confidence because of their appearance, making them have hardship when shopping for clothes. Breast augmentation is a perfect way to balance uneven breasts. The main reason is the specialist will analyze the condition before starting the process. The person will enjoy even breasts after surgery, which will perfectly fit in their clothing.

It helps to Restore Breasts after Aging and Pregnancy

When women get pregnant, different body parts, including the breast transform. There are instances where the mother’s breast can sag or reduce volume after breastfeeding. Besides, as women age, they can start noticing changes in their breasts. Breast augmentation would help to make the breast appear perkier and more youthful while restoring the lost volume.

It Helps to Rebuild the Breasts after Having a Mastectomy

Breast cancer is one of the hardest conditions individuals have to deal with. In some instances, the women would be required to undergo a mastectomy to prevent it from continuing. However, even though it can save a life, it is emotionally exhaustive. The woman would start feeling like they are their former old self. To help the women enjoy life again, they could have breast augmentation/ reconstruction. This process can be carried out using the woman’s body tissue, saline breast implant, or silicone.

It has a Quicker Recovery

 Before undergoing a process, the women worry about how long the process will take. After having the surgery, it would take a short time to recover. In most instances, you will feel tightness, soreness, and sensitivity in the breasts within one to two days. You could also have mild discomfort in the first week, and the breasts start to settle. In most instances, a person can fully recover within four to six weeks.

It Gives You More Clothing Options

If you have small breasts, you will likely feel insecure wearing fitted swimsuits, tops, and low-cut shirts. The main reason these shirts would loosely hang around your chest while perfectly fitting at the hips. Breast augmentation will address this issue since the breast will be customized according to your preference. This process would offer you more choices of wardrobe.

Do you have small breasts, which has negatively affected your self-confidence, and looking for a facility that could offer breast augmentation? You should look no further since John David Mullins, MD PC, is here to serve you. Dr. John David Mullins has vast experience in offering this service, having carried out successful surgeries over the years. He will listen to your preference before choosing the best process. Visit the facility to reclaim your self-confidence.