The Best Way To Improve Your Smile

Improve Your Smile

Nothing impacts life more than a great smile. Your teeth are the centerpiece of your facial beauty; thus, undergoing appropriate restorative treatments could enhance your smile and bring back your confidence. Dentists advise patients to seek aesthetic dentistry Chesterfield from experienced providers who appreciate and implement effective techniques depending on their concerns to deliver desired results. Learn more about the dental surgeon and his duties, on this website:

The following are the most common treatments patients seek to improve the appearance of their teeth:

Porcelain crowns

Your mouth has large fillings susceptible to cracking and fracturing, especially during dental activities like grinding and chewing. These cracks can develop and cause severe complications in your root canal, necessitating extraction. However, dentists advise patients to replace missing teeth to eliminate the subsequent tissue and bone loss that may occur with failure to undergo replacement. Porcelain dental crowns are teeth replacement options if you want alternatives that seamlessly blend with your natural teeth.


Many patients have misalignments and malocclusions, causing them to experience self-esteem issues regarding their smiles. Although most providers offer traditional braces to restore alignment for improved dental aesthetics, Invisalign is the ideal option if you are not interested in wearing metal rods in your teeth that are visible to others. Some of the benefits of Invisalign treatment include removing them when you need to relax your mouth and their invisibility, and enhancing dental aesthetics during treatment.

Teeth whitening

A great smile consists of brightly colored teeth. Many patients do not adhere to strict dental hygiene procedures that preserve their natural teeth’ color. Ultimately, plaque develops and causes the teeth to become yellow and unattractive. Failure to address plaque will develop into tartar which may permanently stain teeth. Fortunately, dentists perform teeth bleaching to restore teeth brightness in patients with aesthetic concerns regarding color. If you are struggling with discoloration and staining, talk to your dental care provider to appreciate the appropriateness of teeth bleaching for addressing your concerns and restoring brilliance to your natural smile.

Dental bridges

Missing teeth require emergency intervention to eliminate the risk of subsequent bone and tissue loss. Dental bridges are an appropriate teeth replacement option for patients with missing teeth concerns.

There are various types of dental bridges. Dental care providers should comprehensively analyze a patient’s condition to recommend the ideal type of dental bridge to address concerns and achieve desired results.

Dental veneers

Patients undergoing tooth extractions usually need dental implants to replace missing teeth roots. However, these metal posts do not resemble natural teeth enamel. Dent veneers are custom shells that dentists place on top of dental implants to cover the front surface. Dental veneers are also perfect dental preservative options for patients with teeth damage. These coverings will protect your teeth from further damage, thus improving the appearance and overall state of your teeth.

Your teeth should be an extension of yourself. Invest in appropriate treatments that will restore your dental appearance and boost your confidence to smile. Schedule a visit to Chesterfield Dentistry to experience the power of a beautiful smile.