The Most Popular Clear Aligners Myths You Should Stop Believing

clear aligners

Over the years, people are gaining the courage to embrace measures to correct misaligned teeth. Different methods, such as braces and aligners, have been used to straighten the teeth.   Most people currently prefer Orlando clear aligners to treat their condition due to their outstanding benefits. However, even though most people choose this treatment, there has been information available on the internet confusing people regarding aligners. The following are the most popular myths about clear aligners that you should stop believing.

They Are Expensive

 Before purchasing any product, individuals are cautious about the cost. The main reason is they prefer cheaper products. Some people have avoided clear aligners since they believe that they are expensive. However, clear aligners are not as expensive as most individuals perceive. Their prices are similar to those of traditional braces. You should, therefore, not fail to purchase the clear aligners due to the fear of price.

They are Less Expensive

 Every individual chooses the product that will offer them maximum satisfaction. Some people have been avoiding clear aligners since they perceive that they are less effective than the other treatment options. However, this is not true since clear aligners are effective as traditional braces. Clear aligners have an advantage over traditional braces since they make brushing and flossing easier, and it is hard to note that the individual is wearing them.

They Have Many Food Restrictions

Some people believe that to maintain the clear nature of the aligners, they will be restricted from eating many foods. However, this is not the case since they can eat almost everything they normally would. The only requirement you will have to take is removing them before eating, brushing your teeth after eating, and then taking them back. Surprisingly, one advantage of the clear aligners is they have fewer food restrictions than the braces.

They Will Smell and Taste Bad

Most people fear having a bad smell since it would embarrass them. The truth is that clear aligners do not have a taste or smell. However, they could taste or smell bad if you don’t clean them correctly. To prevent the bad smell and taste, you should brush after eating before putting on the aligners. Besides, you can use mouthwash to leave your mouth fresh. You should also clean your aligners with soap and water at night. You will never suffer from bad taste or smell if you embrace these measures.

They Cause Speaking Difficulties

Most people are cautious about their speaking. They tend to avoid anything that could interfere with their speech. The truth is that the aligners would not interfere with an individual’s speech. Even though when the aligners are adjusted, a person can have a lisp slipping, when talking, the tongue and lips will get used within 2-3 days. Therefore you should not worry about having clear aligners.

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