Tips You Need to Cut Your Discectomy and Fusion Recovery Time

neck and back pain

A herniated disc is one of the most common causes of neck and back pain, significantly affecting one’s life. Fortunately, the condition is reversible through discectomy and fusion surgeries. The discectomy and fusion Atlanta specialists employ minimally invasive surgical procedures to relieve nerve pressure due to herniated discs. As a result, persistent back or neck pain is resolved, and mobility is improved. The recovery is a crucial stage of the treatment which significantly contributes to the operation’s success. The following tips can boost your recovery after discectomy and fusion procedures.

Avoiding Pressure on the Surgery Site and Spine

You must protect your operation site and spine from unnecessary pressure. Your doctor will advise you to take it easy for a few weeks after surgery which you should strictly adhere to. Although you might be tempted to return to your activities once you start feeling better, it is a bad idea. Take quality time off work and physical activities and rest. Overexerting yourself after surgery can fail the overall process and cause even worse complications. Resting gives your time to heal, and you can get better soon than expected.

Attend Physical Therapy

Resting is critical for the initial stages of your recovery. However, it would help if you kept moving to ensure you recovered optimally. Your doctor will talk to you about physical therapy after surgery, aiming at rehabilitating your body to total recovery. Some people only attend the initial stages of the treatment and fail to follow through. Understand that faster recovery depends on your commitment to every process step. Take part in every session and follow your physical therapy routine at home as advised by your doctor. Do not do less or overdo it.

Maintain Hydration and Proper Diet

Your body requires essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to recover. Also, your blood ought to be oxygenated to promote healing and recovery. You can achieve this by staying hydrated and investing more in fruits and vegetables. Always have water by your side to stay fully hydrated all day. It will help your blood move adequately to the incision site and deliver vital nutrients for healing. Maintaining a proper diet and hydration will also help you fight inflammation and support your body for recovery.

Cleaning the Surgical Site

Your incision sites should always be clean to avoid complications and infections. Your doctor will guide you on maintaining cleanliness at the surgery site, depending on your procedure. Follow the instructions for posterior or anterior surgery strictly. Dress the incisions carefully as instructed and monitor the healing progress. Report any suspicious signs to your doctor.

Overcome Surgical Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are bad for recovery and can slow down the process. Anxiety floods your body with hormones that alter your body’s defense and immune system. You can overcome your fears in several ways. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare and deal with your fears before surgery. Therefore, adequate consultation before surgery is critical. Good planning before surgery can also help you worry less after your surgery. Talk to your care team about your fears for help.

Discectomy and fusion surgery can help you, especially if a herniated disc is to blame for your persistent back or neck pain. Talk to the Specialists at Polaris Spine & Neurosurgery Center for more information. Book a consultation appointment over a call or get online.