Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Telehealth


An office visit to your doctor can be inconvenient or risky when the work faces a contagious pandemic. Fortunately, telehealth allows you to get in touch with your healthcare provider in the comfort of your home. The Greensboro emergency medicine specialists also encourage patients to utilize the telehealth service in times of emergency. It is easier to get your doctor online for consultations when emergencies occur and you do not know what to do. Some situations cannot wait until you arrange for an in-office visit. Learn more about the health-related questions you should ask your family doctor, on this website:

Many questions are asked concerning the service, and here are the answers to the five most common ones.

How does Telehealth Work?

It is natural to wonder how the telehealth service works if you are a starter. Several factors might make it inconvenient to make an in-office visit to your doctor, and telehealth works as a lifesaver. It allows you to access your doctor and get medical examinations that do not require physical contact, tests, prescriptions, and instructions. You will use technology such as voice calls, videoconferencing, and video chats to meet with your healthcare provider. This will allow you to ask relevant questions and answer your doctor’s questions concerning your undergoing treatment or new symptoms.

How Safe is Telehealth

Taking precautions is always better. It is good to be concerned about your information’s safety when using telehealth or any other technology. Be assured that telehealth service is becoming safer every day. Several laws have been enforced to protect your privacy through privacy protection features like data encryption. However, it is important to choose your telehealth tool wisely as there are some security risks still with different applications like skype.

How Do You Find a Telehealth Provider?

Answering this question is now easier than ever. Most healthcare providers have understood the importance of exploring more options to improve their service during the pandemic, and telehealth has stood as one of the most effective tools. Many providers are utilizing telehealth services, and you will not struggle to find one. Besides, all American states now cover telehealth, with about 8 out of ten hospitals offering the service. You will only need to confirm with your health insurance provider to understand how to access the service.

How Can Telehealth Help You with Coronavirus?

As the world continues the war against the pandemic, it is not over until it is over. Telehealth involves not meeting with your doctor. Since they cannot perform a test remotely, there are multiple other ways your doctor can help you. They can evaluate your symptoms and advise you accordingly or rule out COVID. Also, your doctor can educate you about the condition, including how to protect yourself from the disease and the signs to watch out for.

How Will Telehealth Benefit You?

Telehealth has a lot more to do for you. It can help you minimize the overall cost of treatment as it costs cheaper than the standard hospital systems. It can also help you overcome hospital phobia ensuring you get the care you need even without visiting the hospital. Telehealth is more convenient, unlike office visits, and is safer for you and your doctor in the event of a pandemic. Also, telehealth ensures that you only get to the emergency room for serious issues, not issues they would have solved over the phone or video call.

Understand more about the telehealth service by talking to the experts at Triad Primary Care. All your questions will be explained to help you make an informed decision moving forward. Make a call or schedule a consultation appointment online.