Top Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

Dental Implants

The dental implant field has seen significant improvements over the years. Today, dental procedures require materials and devices that address aesthetic and medical advances, an area in the implants excel. Waterford dental implants are common tooth replacement options that continue to be favorable for many since they are aesthetically pleasing, blend in with your natural teeth, and restore functionality. Below are some of the reasons to consider having dental implants.

Helps maintain the jaw bone strength and structure

Due to a lack of teeth, your jawbone starts to degenerate when it lacks stimulation. During the first year after tooth loss, the bone around the missing tooth loses a considerable portion of its size. Dental implants replace the tooth and its root, restoring normal chewing and stimulation. This offers the jawbone the stimulation required for natural bone development.

Looks and feels like natural teeth

Dental implants look like natural teeth owing to modern dentistry, using advanced technology and materials. Dental implants resemble your natural teeth in feel, appearance, and performance. Unless you volunteer it, even your close friends can hardly differentiate the implant from your natural teeth.

Helps stabilize teeth

When you lose a tooth, a gap is left, leading to a crooked movement of the nearby teeth in that direction. This shift causes your teeth to be out of place, impacting your bite, attractiveness, and chewing abilities. Filling the gaps with implants will prevent teeth shifting while restoring your speech functions and chewing.

Keep premature aging signs at bay

Bone loss due to the missing tooth has an unwelcome side effect, significantly impacting your looks. The bottom part of the face starts to collapse, gradually shortening the distance between the jaw and the tip of the nose. A person may also exhibit other early aging symptoms like excessive mouth wrinkles, thinner lips, and a sharper jawline.

Convenient and comfortable

Most people choose dental implants for their convenience. They are inserted directly into the jaw; the jaw bone then grows around it holding it in place firmly. Because of this, the way it complements natural teeth will be permanent. Adhesives will not be necessary. Your oral hygiene routine won’t change either, a convenience that makes your dental care a breeze.


Dental implants may last more than a decade. Since the implants do not need special care, you won’t have a hard time keeping them in great shape. Routine brushing, flossing, and dentist visits will suffice, allowing you to spot a great smile for years.

Improves your dental health

Dental implants bridge the gaps, leaving little to no room for food particles and bacteria to build up. Your hygiene quests won’t be challenging, making it easier to maintain better levels. Moreover, considering the impact on your jaw, the alignment, and chewing functionality, allowing you to maintain healthy nutrition, implants significantly improve your oral and overall health.

Dental implants address various oral concerns and could be all the restorative dentistry treatment you need for a radiant, healthy, and functional smile. Visit or call Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center today for more about dental implants.