What Are The Side Effects of Spravato?


Depression comes with feelings of hopelessness, drained energy, and inability to focus. You may start thinking about committing suicide and begin self-harm behaviors. Receiving spravato Atlanta treatment can help improve your symptoms and offer you relief from depression. The nasal spray has a combination of oral antidepressants that you apply to boost your health. However, the medication may cause certain side effects for some people. Severe side effects require immediate medical attention. Therefore, do not hesitate if you develop them. Learn more about the role of different types of exercises, on this website: https://www.psychedelicsminds.com

Read on to understand the risk effects.

Dissociation and Sedation

You will likely feel disconnected from yourself and your thoughts, which could be the most severe effect of Spravato. Also, you may feel extremely sleepy from the medication. Your doctor may have to assess the risk of these symptoms and ask if you have ever had a diagnosis of psychosis, therefore prescribing another treatment. You have an increased risk of dissociation if you have a diagnosis of psychosis. Dissociation may also result in symptoms such as hallucinations, ringing in your ears, and vision changes. During your treatment, you may require monitoring for 2 hours after every dose to check your reaction. Therefore, inform your doctor if you experience a feeling of passing out and cannot stand up.

Risk of Suicidal Behaviors and Thoughts

You will likely have an increased risk of suicidal thoughts, especially if you are young. Therefore, doctors may recommend the medication for people above 18 years. The risk may be high during your first months of treatment and when your doctor changes the dosage. You may require monitoring to check for worsening symptoms of depression that may lead to suicidal behaviors. You can also inform your family about Spravato use so they can help you monitor your mood changes. Possibly your doctor may recommend stopping the medication if you keep developing the behaviors and thoughts.

Blood Pressure Increase

After treatment, your blood pressure may increase temporarily, especially within an hour of the dosage. The increase may last up to 4 hours, but if they are too high, they cause concern. You will also likely develop chest pain, seizures, shortness of breath, and sudden headache alongside a blood pressure increase. Therefore, you may not receive a prescription for Spravato if you have conditions that increase blood pressure leading to serious complications.

Allergic Reactions

You may develop an allergic reaction with Spravato treatment. You will likely develop skin rash, itchiness, flushing, and swelling under your skin and mouth. Your doctor may recommend OTC antihistamine medications to help you manage allergic reactions. However, you should call if you notice severe swelling and trouble breathing. You will then require another medication, instead of Spravato, to reduce the risk of reactions and improve your health.

Spravato medications are available at Psychiatric Consultants of Atlanta to help you manage the symptoms of depression. You will receive treatment in an office where your doctor will closely monitor you for immediate reactions before allowing you to go home. They will address immediate side effects with medications. You can visit the website if you want to book an online appointment.