What to Anticipate During Opus Plasma Procedure

Opus Plasma Procedure

Opus Plasma is a 15-minute therapy administered after a topical anesthetic has been applied. Your A Beautiful You Medical Spa practitioner will examine your skin during your appointment to determine your best treatment plan. Following your first treatment, you will notice dramatic changes. Your specialist may also suggest additional therapies for the best outcomes.

An overview of Opus Plasma therapy

Utilizing unipolar radiofrequency and micro-plasma technology, Opus Plasma resurfacing therapy is a novel laser procedure that treats scars, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone and texture, dullness, and scarring. This non-surgical procedure causes tiny damage to the skin, which is then stimulated to produce a wound-healing response and repair itself.

How does Opus Plasma work

Opus Plasma employs high-frequency unipolar radiofrequency radiation to generate microscopic channels in the skin and kickstart the skin’s natural collagen creation via a wound-healing reaction. This treatment is similar to microneedling, except that it employs cutting-edge microplasma technology to encourage the body’s natural healing processes for healthier, younger-looking skin. Opus Plasma has unparalleled accuracy when it comes to controlling contact with the skin and removing unwelcome irritation, even though laser treatments can achieve equivalent results for things like treating skin laxity or uneven skin tone.

Areas that Opus Plasma can treat

One of the most significant advantages of Opus Plasma is that it may be used on various regions of the face and neck that are frequently avoided with treatments such as microneedling. This implies that, in addition to typical skin resurfacing treatments, you may address skin issues in temperate regions such as around the eyes. Opus Plasma provides exceptional customization for your fractional skin resurfacing treatment, allowing your specialist to develop the one-of-a-kind and optimum strategy for you and your skincare objectives.

How long does Opus plasma therapy take, and how many sessions are required?

Depending on the region’s size and the patient’s concerns, each Opus resurfacing treatment will take around 15 minutes. Even if you observe the effects of the first treatment, the number of Opus laser sessions required depends on your concerns and the goals you wish to attain. Two to five sessions are advised for best outcomes, with each treatment spaced 2-4 weeks apart.

What to expect afterward

Due to Opus Plasma’s cutting-edge technology and methodology, patients receive significantly less downtime than conventional laser treatments. Expect one to two days of redness and swelling, but you should be able to resume your normal routine shortly following the treatment. You will be given detailed post-treatment advice, like which skincare products to use or avoid, as well as the necessity of sunscreen in the days following your treatment.

Is Opus Plasma a safe procedure?

Opus Plasma has several advantages and is one of the most sophisticated skincare treatments on the market. Since your technician can carefully manage the Opus Plasma system, it has a great safety profile that reduces skin injury. When it comes to professional skincare procedures, always go with a reputed and knowledgeable provider.

Opus Plasma is a new technology that may provide various outputs with little downtime. It is somewhat more expensive than comparable procedures, and you will need to be patient to see results—but if you are contemplating laser resurfacing, it is worth looking into. Call A Beautiful You Medical Spa or book your consultation online to determine if Opus Plasma procedures suit you.