What to Expect With Rhinoplasty


Rhinoplasty or a nose job refers to enhancing the nose’s shape or function through surgical modification of its bone or cartilage. You can go for rhinoplasty Roslyn Heights to reconstruct an injury, solve a breathing issue, resolve a congenital anomaly, or enhance the look of your nose. But remember, if you want rhinoplasty to boost your appearance, leave your two nasal bones to mature first. Learn more about facial surgery, on this website: https://www.wnyhealthshow.com

Table of Contents

During nose job

The order of surgically modifying the nose often depends on the surgery’s complexity and your surgeon’s preference. Before the surgery, you may choose to have a whole body or local anesthesia.

Surgery is either done on the nose’s interior or by making an external laceration at the base, in the middle of the nostrils. There will likely be a readjustment of the cartilage and bone below the skin.

If the configuration of your nasal cartilage, tissue, or bones requires extensive modification, your specialist may need to borrow cartilage from other locations of your body, like the rib. Alternatively, implants may come in handy. However, cartilage can come from your nose or ear for minimal nasal modification.

Once necessary changes are implemented to your nose, the cut made on your nose is sewn.

Also, if the nasal septum is improperly structured, your doctor can make any changes allowing you to have better breathing. The nasal septum is the thing that separates the interior of your nose into two parts or nostrils.

After the completion of the surgery, the medical team will monitor you as you regain your whole consciousness. You will have more hours or at least a day to stay in the recovery area, mainly if there is a high chance of developing other health complications.

After nose job

As you rest on the bed or couch, ensure that your head’s elevation is slightly above the chest, which is vital for reducing the potential for experiencing swelling and or bleeding issues. Congestion of the nose may be due to inflammation or the medical device placed in the inner of the nose.

Generally, the dressing of the cut area should remain for about a week. The splint fastened to your nose is to offer the necessary shielding and support.

After the medical process or dressing removal, expect a bit of bleeding or sputum (mucus) release. Therefore, your surgeon may install a drip roll or pad beneath your nose, which you will need to replace as recommended, to absorb any discharge of blood and sputum.

So that you minimize or eliminate the risk of nosebleeds and inflammation, observe the following tips.

  •       Avoid taxing tasks or chores such as running
  •       Resist the urge to blow your nose whenever you can
  •       Do not engage in extreme or intense facial expressions like laughing
  •       Ensure you perform your oral care in a gentle manner
  •       Eat food richly packed with fiber to safeguard against bowel movement issues, which can exert pressure on your nose.

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