What You Should Know About Epidural Injections

Epidural Injections

Suffering from spinal problems can leave you with severe, sometimes debilitating pain. Additionally, your hope diminishes when you have tried all other conventional treatments that have failed you. In most cases, treating lower back, leg, and neck pain issues can be challenging, especially when you have nerve impairment or irritated nerves. Luckily, Houston epidural injections relieve your pain, reduce inflammation and promote healing. The treatment helps lessen your pain and do away with spinal discomfort quickly. Here is what there is to know if you are an appropriate candidate for an epidural injection.

Understanding epidural injections

Epidural steroid injections are minimally invasive treatments that help relieve pain in your lower back, neck, and legs. The injection is inserted into the epidural space of your spine, the area between the spine and bones. It relieves inflammation, which is the leading cause of pain. Similarly, the steroid reduces swelling and relieves pressure on your nerves and nerve roots. Determining the area to inject the steroid depends on the site you are experiencing pain the most.

Is the injection safe for everyone?

For some people, the shot provides relief for a short time, especially pain that runs down to the leg. Typically, the treatment only lasts for three months, but that might be enough time for you to get back on your heels and ensure the pain doesn’t return. Although the injection doesn’t meet your long-term goals, it paves the way for you to seek advanced treatments without disturbing pain. However, steroid shots aren’t recommended if you have general or nonspecific lower back pain.

Epidural benefits to enjoy

1. It relieves your pain

The primary objective of an epidural injection is pain relief. Each patient’s results vary according to how they respond to the medication and the rate of their pain. For instance, some patients experience moderate pain relief while others feel significant relief. Your pain relief may last for weeks or months, but you are guaranteed that your painful situation will stabilize.

2. It provides a platform for you to participate in physical therapy

When your chronic pain is severe, it is difficult for you to engage in physical therapy for fear of worsening your condition. The steroid injection allows you to participate effectively in physical therapy or any structured exercise program.

3. Helps avoid or delay surgical procedures

If your doctor has recommended surgery, an epidural injection may help you delay or even avoid the procedure. Technically, the primary purpose of a surgical procedure is to relieve pain, which is what a steroid injection offers.

4. Reduces the need for pain-relieving medications

If you have been taking pain-relieving medications before your epidural injection, you will have to lower the dose or completely do away with the medicines. The injection serves twice the purpose of the pain relievers, thus giving you immediate relief.

The benefits of an epidural injection outweigh its side effects. Don’t allow debilitating back pain to traumatize your life. A dedicated team at Houston Pain Specialists will analyze your condition and identify the area to administer the steroid injection for quick recovery. Contact our Houston, Texas office or book your appointment today to relieve your back pains.