Why is Weight Loss Counseling Important?

Weight Loss

If you have health conditions resulting from excessive weight, weight loss might be the best solution for your health. Weight loss, however, does not occur overnight, and it’s easier said than done. But, with hard work, consistency, discipline, and commitment, you can achieve it. You can use different techniques to reach your goal but, medically supervised weight loss is the most effective method. You might want to reach out to the Vienna, VA weight loss specialist at Nova Physician Wellness Center to learn how it works. This blog post explains how weight loss counseling in medically supervised weight loss works.

What is weight-loss counseling?

Why do you need weight loss counseling? Weight loss does not only involve physical health but also includes the emotional and mental parts. As they say, it all begins in your head.

Weight loss counseling helps you prepare for the weight loss journey by helping you identify emotional and mental health factors affecting your weight loss. Changing your mentality, behaviors, and knowledge about food and exercise can impact your weight loss and lifestyle.

Your Nova Physician Wellness Center providers offer behavioral therapy as part of your weight loss program to help you achieve the best results. They provide customized exercise plans, nutrition training, and medical and physical exams.

Your weight loss counseling begins with a detailed consultation to help your provider understand your approach to food and current eating habits. It helps list out behaviors that may be slowing down their weight loss results.

What are trigger foods?

These are foods that cause you to overeat. Trigger foods trigger cravings or an emotional connection to certain foods. Your provider works with you to help you find innovative ways to control the trigger foods.

They recommend decreasing their availability at home, avoiding them on social occasions, and finding healthier alternative food choices.

The team at Nova Physician and Wellness Center aims to strengthen your behavioral interventions, mindfulness, and nutritional training. They focus on helping you understand particular trigger foods.

Mindfulness involves being present in the moment and helps you focus on what you are eating and why. Practicing mindfulness exercises helps you turn to your body’s natural signals of hunger.

Bringing yourself to face unhealthy and tempting foods can strengthen your mindset and your ability to resist the foods over time.

What are the benefits of weight-loss counseling?

Weight-loss counseling is critical in helping you achieve permanent weight loss results. It helps you create a healthy environment for your weight loss, including planning your food and shopping. It may also involve written weight loss goals to strengthen your mindset and remind you of your purpose.

Unlike other weight loss methods, medically supervised weight loss provides long-lasting results. Besides, the techniques are safe and occur progressively. Your provider creates a customized weight loss plan that works for you, to help you achieve your targeted results.

When you choose medically-supervised weight loss programs, you are not alone. A weight loss specialist walks with you every step of the way.

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