Why You Must Be Worried About Your Dizziness


Have you ever tried to go around a pole or run in circles in an amusement park many times, then felt like the world was spinning? That is what vertigo sounds like. The medical condition comes along with dizziness. Upon being diagnosed with the condition, it is wise to work along with a Greater New Orleans vertigo specialist to address it. The specialist will examine and diagnose your condition to formulate a treatment schedule to ensure it is gone. Here are some facts about vertigo you must know.

Vertigo May Be a Symptom for A Serious Condition

Some people suffering from vertigo may not require medical treatment since the condition may disappear on its own. However, this condition might be a symptom of life-threatening problems such as stroke and heart attacks. It is, therefore, important to seek medical assistance to rule out the danger that may follow if the symptoms are ignored. When you start experiencing nausea, dizziness, and spinning symptoms and conclude that you have vertigo, you should seek medical assistance to ensure you are treated before the condition can escalate to a more serious one.

Physical Therapy Serves as An Effective Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo may become severe within minutes, causing total disorientation and falling within no time. This happens when the organ in your inner ear responsible for balance floats around in the inner ear, distorting the body’s balance and may make you stumble and fall. A physical therapist has the knowledge and ability to get the stray organ back to its position to resolve your symptom. This can happen through quick movements of your dead and neck and does not need invasive treatment.

Vertigo Is a Symptom, Not A Disease

When you have symptoms that lead to vertigo or already have vertigo, something else is wrong in your body. Vertigo causes spinning and is not a disease meaning there is a trigger that makes you experience the spinning. In most cases, it is an ear problem that makes the body lose balance. In other scenarios, it occurs due to certain medical conditions affecting your brain, such as heart problems. Since it is a symptom that can lead to a severe condition, it is essential to have a thorough diagnosis and evaluation to rule out any chances of developing a serious condition.

Anxiety May Lead to Dizziness

People who suffer from anxiety problems will always complain of feeling dizzy. This happens especially when they experience a moving visual environment. When they are in bright environments or watching moving objects, they tend to feel dizzy and like the head or the eyes are moving around, making them uncomfortable. This is a major symptom of anxiety disorder that may lead to vertigo if not treated early.

It is normal to experience dizziness at some point. However, if the feeling is more intense and affects your everyday life, you may need medical attention. Most people will ignore the feeling and think it will disappear. However, you may be the best candidate to undergo a vertigo checkup if it keeps occurring. The team at ENT of New Orleans has experience in diagnosing and treating your condition. You can begin by scheduling an online consultation or calling their office today.