When the Pregnancy Signs Can Be Noticed?

Pregnancy Signs Can Be Noticed

There are many first time mothers, who have several questions in their mind. They may be eager to know as to when exactly when they start showing the signs of pregnancy and their belly would expand to accommodate the growing child. The fact is that every woman is said to be different. Hence, few mothers are likely to show the signs of pregnancy as early as twelve weeks, which are mainly noticed in first time mothers. The others might show even much sooner than expected. Those women who had pregnancy previously might have muscles within their abdomen and uterus stretched. However, with others, this can be either later or earlier than this.

Researching on the web can help the person to know that the uterus is found at different stages during the pregnancy period. During the early pregnancy days, the uterus is noticed to take the shape of that of a pear. During the initial twelve weeks, this may gradually become much more rounded, until this becomes the size of grapefruit. It is exactly here that the bump is likely to develop.

During the 16th week of pregnancy, the uterus is likely to get stretched for fitting the developing baby. The bump can be seen from this stage onwards. But there are several factors, which might influence the shopping for buying maternity clothes. There are few women, who may get pregnant for their very first time and not display the signs until they get into the 20th week. It is considered to be a time when the uterus top level is at the belly button level.

When will I start showing – Some influencing factors

1.The older mothers are likely to start showing the signs much earlier when compared to the younger mothers. The reason is because, the younger ones are likely to have much more tighter abdominal muscles.

2.The second aspect is the body size. Pregnancy signs are not shown clearly by heavier women when compared to those skinny ones. Also, the taller women tend to show their signs much later.

3.The woman may have a retroverted uterus, if she is showing the signs much later than what is expected. It effectively means that the uterus will tilt towards the back when compared to the front. Retroverted uterus can be found in around 15% of the women. It is not likely to affect how the baby develops.

4.In case, the baby is smaller in size, then the mother is not likely to show the signs sooner when compared to carrying a bigger baby. The amniotic fluid type that is being carried around the baby can make a huge difference.

5.Again carrying multiples will mean the sac will elongate, thus showing the bumps signs very clearly.

If there is noticed any kind of concern, then without any further delay, the person should immediately visit a reputed, experienced and highly qualified physician who can offer respite and better guidance. Also, they will suggest what is to be done and avoided.