Choosing your Personalized Home Fitness Trainer

Choosing your Personalized Home Fitness Trainer

In the days past, when you say in-house fitness trainer, it usually means that that particular you go to has a stable of several fitness trainers for you to choose from when you go to them. Now there is an added meaning to it, we now have a home fitness trainer, In Home Personal Training, or mobile fitness trainer as some are called. What this means is that they now go to you and conduct the training, right in the comfort of your condo or home. As you would actually be inviting this person into your home, there are a few things you need to look out for when choosing one that will work for you.

Talk to them

A great way to be able to differentiate a great personal trainer from a regular one is to get to know them via a simple conversation or even an interview. This is not so much as finding out if he knows his craft on a technical level but to basically find out if he connects with you on a social level as a person. A good trainer should know how to approach you and “push your buttons”. This is very important especially if your goal is to lose weight. Equally important is also finding out what makes them tick as well. By doing so, you can be assured of a balance between a professional but personal quality of service.

Check their Creds

Certification is also very important and not for their obvious reasons. Because you will be doing this at home or a place of your choosing, it may not be as prepared for emergencies like a real gym. Accidents might happen and in this phase of choosing, it might be a good idea for a trainer who is prepared to deal with fitness emergencies on their own. Look for additional training or certification in first aid and CPR, Additionally, some trainers also double as nutritionists and since they will be at your home, they can also help you prepare your dietary needs.

How expensive are the services?

This one is relative and depends on other factors. Take into account how far you live from a gym, and how many sessions you want to be done. Remember the convenience of not going to and from a gym, no waiting in long lines for equipment, no more prep time. Take into account the expenses that you will save for gas and for commuting and factor that in.

It would be wise if you view the decision to have a personal trainer as an investment in yourself and your health. Money is not always the deciding factor. Having said that cheaper might not mean worse or being expensive might not mean the best too. Again, why you are doing it in the first place is key.