All That You Want to Know About GM Diet


GM diet or General Motor diet has been around since the last 3 decades. Surprised? Well, most of us are. However, recently it resurfaced again and has taken the internet and health conscious people by storm. Originally this diet was designed for the company employees to increase the workforce productivity. This diet was all that a worker needed because along with the weight loss the qualities such as confidence, higher energy and efficiency level were experienced by them.

Today, thousands of people around the globe swear by GM diet because it is very easy to follow and the results are quick as well. Compared to the other diet plans, there are just no complicated items or routine that makes it challenging; all food items can be locally available and does not cost a lot as well. Let us see how this GM diet can be effective for you:

How does this really work?

The overall plan in this diet is to restrict your food items to fruits, vegetables, chicken and brown rice. So you end up taking a diet that is low in calories, carbohydrates, and increases your water intake and fruits as well. The ultimate goal is to lose around 7kgs in 7 days; isn’t it awesome?

But how does that really happen? What do I need to do? Is it really that easy? If these questions are popping up in your head, here is a list for you that are followed to have an effective GM diet.

Day 1

The first day of your diet will consist of just fruits and water. All fruits are recommended except Bananas. However, to make it interesting you don’t stick to just one fruit but go crazy with several options out there. You can get a mix of oranges, watermelons, apples, papaya, Kiwi, and so on. Just keep in mind that the fruits you eat should be high in fiber and you should also like the taste to enjoy it. There is no need to starve, just eat the fruits and water whenever you feel hungry.

Day 2

On this day you have the option to eat large boiled potatoes and vegetables that are cooked or uncooked with oil. Some of the healthy vegetable options are cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, beans, lettuce, cucumber, etc. So it is a vegetable only diet and so it is important to not mix these. Only eat vegetables that you like so that this day will also not be uninteresting. Drink at least 8-12 glasses of water to keep hydrated.

Day 3

Your GM diet will become more interesting here. On this day you can include all fruits except bananas. You need to avoid potatoes and include cooked or uncooked vegetables with or without oil depending upon your choice. You can mix the day 1 and day 2 items here and enjoy the diet. When including fruits, you need to avoid bananas on this day as well.

Day 4

Go bananas! Well, this day, you need to include 8 to 10 bananas in your diet and so you can enjoy this aspect if you love bananas. Along with bananas you need to add 8 glasses of milk and 8-12 glasses of water as well. Distribute this fruit in your meal and snack time, and if it gets monotonous you can also add a bowl of soup in your meal.

Day 5

Rice lover? Well, this day you can add brown rice to your diet. Main food items are a cup of brown rice, 6 tomatoes, and a lot of water. If you are a vegetarian this is the right option for you, but if you are a non-vegetarian you can also include lean meat such as fish or chicken. So compared to the first four days, this day will work out to be like a feast for you.

Day 6

Your healthy feast continues here as well. On this day you can have your one cup of brown rice, vegetables that are cooked or uncooked, and also a lot of water. Here again, the non-vegetarians can opt for protein source with lean meat such as chicken and fish. You can add a diet soup with vegetables, chicken for the day and also a lot of water to keep going strong on this day. On this day you will see weight loss depending upon the efforts you have put into your diet by following it. This motivation will help you to end it on a high note.

Day 7

You can end your GM diet on a high note because here you have the brown rice, vegetables, and all fruit juices as an option. You can eat unlimited quantities of vegetables and with the meal have sugarless fruits.

This is the overall GM diet that brings in effective results. But in order to not get bored and monotonous you can make it more interesting by making a proper schedule to follow. Along with following a diet a good exercise regime will also help you to reach your weight loss goal here. Have a proper set of exercises that you can follow in your schedule.

GM diet is all about dedication, hard work, and self control. If you have these qualities you will definitely survive this diet plan and experience great results. It will be helpful to take professional advice before starting on this diet if you have any existing health conditions because throughout the week you will go through several changes. The results from this diet will help you to move ahead and plan your healthy diet regime even after this course is over. Remember that you have gained this weight over a period of time and so you will also need some time and efforts to shed it. Having the right mental frame of mind about your weight and side effects will help to take the positive steps. So make sure that your weight loss journey is not boring but is fun and efficient with the GM diet.