Sleep Dentistry: Busting 5 Common Myths

Sleep Dentistry

No, it’s not the day, is it? That day where you need to muster all your courage and front up to what is one of the most terrifying professionals in the world – the dentist. Many people hate seeing their dentist, and many more actually detest it. Thankfully, an awesome medical advancement exists to quell any fears you may have about going!

Sleep dentistry is the perfect option for patients who experience dental anxiety or require complex treatment. However, there are a host of common myths that can deter people from receiving this fantastic treatment option.

If you have pondered any of any of the following dental legends then we are here to say it’s time to rethink them:

Myth #1: It is way too expensive

When people ask themselves, “how much does sleep dentistry cost?” they immediately tell themselves, “surely too much”. But we’re to tell you that compared to standard treatment options it really isn’t that expensive. You will be charged for the anaesthetist but you can receive a Medicare rebate for this. Patients can receive up to 30-80% on their Medicare rebate and this puts a lot of patients at ease regarding the price.

Myth #2: There is only one sedation method

This is simply not the case. In reality, you have a range of treatment options at your disposal depending on your personal needs and preferences. Sedation methods include:

  • Oral sedation: This is a mild-to-medium sedation pill or liquid that you ingest an hour before your procedure.
  • Sedation gas: This mild sedation is administered through a face mask and produces a calming effect that can numb pain and lull you into a greater sense of calm.
  • Sleep dentistry: This intravenous (IV) sedation is administered into the arm before treatment. It produces a calming, semi-conscious state and may even help you fall asleep throughout the procedure.
  • General anaesthesia: This is the strongest sedation method that is provided in-hospital and recommended for complex treatments. This treatment option will render you unconscious and this makes it ideal for many people with high dental anxiety.

Myth #3: You will be helpless if you feel any pain

Before treatment you will receive a local anaesthesia that will alleviate any pain you might otherwise experience. You might not fall asleep throughout the treatment, but you will feel cool, calm and relaxed throughout the procedure. If you receive general anaesthesia then you will be unconscious and likely won’t feel a thing!

Myth #4: You’ll do something silly

There is a common misconception that any time people receive any form of anaesthesia or sedative they begin acting ridiculously. This is simply a misconception and really doesn’t have to be of concern. Of course, it can always happen, as we’ve all seen the YouTube videos, but your dentist is used to it and you won’t have any need to feel embarrassed!

Myth #5: It’s not ideal for all treatments

People often assume that sleep dentistry is only used for highly complex dental treatments. However, sedation dental procedures can be used for all kinds of treatments. This includes having a routine clean or receiving a new filling. Basically, if you experience any kind of dental anxiety and don’t feel comfortable seeing your expert, you can receive this treatment to alleviate your fears.

After all, overlooking your dentist is not something you should do on account of anxiety, especially when you have this wonderful treatment at your disposal!