Stress is Good for Human Health

Stress is Good for Human Health

Stress, a new study on stress has found that a little, mild stress is good for human health. Stress and anxiety is a natural and universal human behavior, and research has shown that stress and anxiety are healthy for human health.

According to experts, every human being goes through the process of stress, while many people are unaware of the stress or anxiety, but where there are disadvantages of having stress, there are also disadvantages of not having it.

Research on stress has shown that people who do not go through stress or do not experience stress have a better life and that they avoid dangerous illnesses but worries. Far from it, the human brain does not work well and cannot learn quickly.

According to Professor David M. Almeida, despite being painful, stress is positive for people who go through mild stress and anxiety on a daily basis, stress motivates people to solve problems and think to get out of anxiety. And forces the mind to focus.

Professor Almeida says that with a small example of stress, you have a very important meeting going on and suddenly your internet or online meeting application stops working. The victim immediately gets up and tries to find a way to fix it. This stress is painful but such stress is good for our brain and learning process, especially. As we get older, this stress is better for teaching us how to solve problems.

According to Professor Almeida’s research on stress, a little bit of stress is evidence of improving healthy mental functioning.


On the other hand, numerous studies on stress have shown that stress can have a negative effect on physical health, including mental health, including a number of serious illnesses and emotional trauma. Almeida says he did a little research contrary to this study, which found that the more stress a person undergoes on a daily basis, the healthier and more active they are.